We want a world at peace

Yes, indeed!
We are once again
in most desperate need!
We are about to be overrun
by a pretentious plutocratic horde
which by deliberate, callous, calculating,
inconsiderate and malevolent means
is causing apprehension and anxiety,
intending to reign and rule
by threat, by intimidation, and by fear...
stirring in the already steaming
cauldron of hatred,
and serving up putrid offerings
of bigotry and belligerence...
all without sanity or sense,
all without the real
and fundamental willingness
the many global warning signs
to read, to comprehend, or to heed....
Far too many
were already compelled and coerced,
both in the past and at present,
to sacrifice life and limb for such lies,
murderous and mocking lunacy,
total travesty, treachery,
and absolute insanity!
Go to the countless cemeteries
all over the world to count
the countless graves
of those killed
in countless wars!
We want a world at peace,
not one in pieces!!!

von © Gerhard A. Fuerst (*1936), USA, 03.01.2017